Preparing to Hear from God

God’s word will appeal to spiritually enlightened reason

Preparing to Hear from God

(Isaiah 1:18-19) God said, “Come and let us reason together.” God was wooing Israel to turn from her way to God’s way. God will appeal to what I call spiritually enlightened reason.

Things to Do to Prepare to Hear From God.

Use the name of Jesus to silence the devil.  (Matthew 16: 19) We can bind the power of hell with the name of Jesus. If you are being tormented or condemned, bind that spirit in the name of Jesus. Bind the spirit of confusion and spirit of distraction and let God speak to your heart.

Ask God to clear, any presumption or preconceived ideas from your mind. (Psalm 19: 13)

Wait on the Lord. (Isaiah 40:31) When we wait on the Lord our strength will be renewed like an eagle’s. The interesting thing is, the word for wait is “chavah”; in Hebrew it literally means to “wait with expectation.”

Questions We Should Ask in Discerning the Voice of God

Does it go against our carnal nature? This means, God may be dealing with you to have you forgive somebody you don’t want to forgive. It’s a good chance God is dealing with you and speaking to you.

Does it build up and challenging your faith? (Joshua 1:6-7) God was challenging Joshua to do something that he could not do in the natural. With the help and grace of God he could do it.

Does it get you to act in a hurry? (Proverbs’ 27: 14) If we are being lead by the Holy Spirit we will not be hasty.

We need to seek Godly council. (Proverbs 20:5) We are not to make war except by the multitude of good council. If it is God, He can confirm it by at least two or three witnesses.

Is it producing growth? Are you being conformed to the image of Jesus Christ? It will produce growth in our hearts and minds (Romans 8:29).

Develop a Hearing Ear (Psalms 29)

(Psalm 29:1-3) You must give God worship if your going to hear from Him. You can ‘t hear clearly from God if you rush into His presence. Study Acts 13:1-3.

(Psalm 29:3) God’s word will wash us. This is confirmed in Ephesians 5:26. We need to make our minds ready and we wash our minds through the word of God.

(Psalm 29:4) God’s voice is powerful. It will expose and reveal the real motives of our heart. Hebrews 4:12 reaffirms this.

(Psalm 29:5) His voice is different, it is kingly and commanding.

(Psalm 29:5) It will break up the hard places. It will break up the hard hearts.

If God is dealing with you He is dealing with your conscience (Romans 9:1).

(Psalm 29:7) God’s word will give direction in the fiery trail.

(Psalm 29:8) God’s word will speak to us in the dry place.

The dry place, when we fell everyone has Ieft us. It was God who spoke to Moses in the backside of the desert.

(Psalm 29:9) God’s word is creative. God’s word will produce powerful things as you give yourself to it.

(Psalm 29:9) God’s word will stripe away the non-essential things. God’s word will get right to where we need to be in God.

Pastor Dave
Preparing to Hear from God

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