River of Life Raleigh Ministries

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Altar Ministry Leaders – Nathan & Patti Wall

This is a ministry of anointed men and women who pray at the end of each service for any who desire prayer.  They have met all the criteria established by the Pastors.  They pray for the sick, broken-hearted, those with emotional needs, salvation & baptism in the Holy Spirit.  God has blessed this ministry mightily with signs following.


Children’s Ministry – Pastor Ina Newell

This is a program designed for children from infancy to age 12, to reveal the love of God to them and for them.  Through the Word of God which is brought forth through song, games and activities the children a led to know Jesus in a personal way.  Cheryl Bowen, Nita Snow, and Gina Hoosier are directors over the children’s classes. Their faithful service results in spiritual growth for your children.


Youth Ministry – Tim and Diane Rabalais

Through fellowship and teaching, the Tweens are learning that they have a call and the gifts of God are for them.  The ages of tweens are 8 to 14 years. Tim and Diane, they mix fun, fellowship and teaching in a creative way that brings excitement to the Tweens.


Prophetic Ministry – Pastor Kimberly Kobito

The Prophetic Ministry provides an opportunity for God to speak individually to His people, through His people.  We believe that God loves each one of us uniquely, and that He desires that we know it. Therefore, the River of Life Church has set up prophetic ministry at the end the services on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month.  


Intercessory Prayer Ministry – Charles and Judy Cash

The Intercessory Prayer Ministry is an integral part of strengthening the church, the body of Christ. The church can only go forward as much as it seeks the Lord in prayer. Wisdom from God is requested and received to carry out the plans and missions to advance the Kingdom. Every other Monday night is set aside for strategic prayer points and available anytime for all needs as requested.

Usher Ministry – Sam Lamson

Ushers play a vital role in the life of the church:  helping people find seats, helping visitors locate various church facilities, managing the flow of people during ministry time, and supporting the Altar Ministry as needed.     

Welcome Ministry – Eleanor Brown

Greeting people as they enter the Church for a service, plays a vital role of hospitality.  Eleanor makes certain that the greeters are instructed to welcome every person who comes through the door.  It is truly honor to be a “doorkeeper in the house of the Lord” Ps 84:10

Healing Rooms of Raleigh – Pastor David Newell with Various Speakers

Facilitators for the Healing Rooms are: Barbara Best, Renee Bedner, Ron and Carolyn Willson.  Approximately six (6) other people give their time and service to the body of Christ as well as to the community.  They minister the healing word, the anointing that empowers the word, prayer and deliverance of the sick, and impartation for spiritual, physical and emotional healing.  This ministry is available Tuesdays 10 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.


Production Ministry – Debbie Earp, Director

The Production Ministry encompasses the Sound Systems, from adjusting the sound for all instruments, singers and speakers.  Debbie facilitates the generating of various graphical presentations, worship songs and the broadcast of songs, coming events, and news items on the projection system during all services.  This also includes recordings of all messages and duplication of same onto CD’s for purchase and historical filing.


Social Media Ministry – Andrew Newell, Director – Debbie Earp, Curator of ROL Facebook

The Social Media Ministry includes generation and production of Pastor’s Sermon slideshow, production of visiting evangelists and other speaker services.  Also includes direction and production of television broadcasts, media messages, YouTube productions, website webmaster and all public relations.   

Healing Rooms at River of Life 

River of Life Church Raleigh NC is affiliated with Healing Rooms International in Spokane, Washington. River of Life ministers to the sick on Tuesday during the day.

Prophetic Ministry at River of Life Church Raleigh NC

Twice a month, River of Life has a prophetic team minister words of edification and comfort to newcomers and visitors who desire this ministry.

Altar Team at River of Life 

River of Life trains and equips men and women to serve as ambassadors in God’s Kingdom. They minister through the gifts of the Holy Spirit in every service.


Worship Team at River of Life Church Raleigh NC

Singers and Musicians who bring people into fervent worship and praise to the Lord Jesus.

Dance Team at River of Life Church Raleigh NC

Several dance teams minister to God and lift the congregation to a higher level of worship.

Prison Outreach at River of Life Church Raleigh NC

Teams are being trained to continue ministry to both men and women in the Raleigh area. 

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 to read a letter from members of River of Life about their prison ministry at the North Carolina Correctional Institute for Women.

Treasure Hunters at River of Life Church Raleigh NC

Dedicated teams receive words of knowledge from the Holy Spirit and bring the Life of God to a hungry world.

Ushers at River of Life Church Raleigh NC

A dedicated team of ushers who greet as well as help the overflow of River of  Life services.

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