Inquire of God

To inquire of God means asking and hearing from God.

Inquire of God

We should inquire and believe that God will speak to us. When David inquired of God, he had every expectation that God was going to speak to him. You say "I am not worthy"; none of us are worthy. We have been made worthy through the blood of Christ.

As we hear a “Rhema” word, our faith and confidence become stirred.

A rhema word is a quickened word from the scriptures by the Holy Spirit. Read 1 Samuel 23:2. There are times we need to hear a specific word and God will give us a specific word that will make the difference.

Inquiring from God can confirm, to others, God’s direction for your life.

(1 Samuel 23:3-4) When you receive a prophetic confirmation it is a confirmation not only to you but to the whole congregation that God has set you aside for a particular calling.

We have the ephod or the priestly anointing through the Holy Spirit for us to inquire.

(1 Samuel 23:9-12) David did something in the natural that he was not supposed to be able to do. He took the ephod of the priest and clothed himself with it. David was a type and shadow of the New Testament believer. We are all prophets, priests, and kings under the Lord. The ephod today is the Holy Spirit.

God will reveal battle plans to you.(1 Samuel 30:7-8) God gave battle plans for David. God will give you the battle plans of how to win over your spiritual enemies and the powers of hell. We can be very specific with God.David asked for specific answers. God gave him specific answers.   (2 Samuel 2:1)

Do not presume on the Lord’s direction. We need to have our mind renewed everyday. (Romans 12:1,2) What served for direction yesterday may not serve for direction today. Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word daily precedes from the mouth of God.

Specifically, How Can I Get Started in Developing a Hearing Ear?

You must set aside a time (Psalm 62:5).

Then you must get still in your spirit (Psalm 46:10).

Find a place of seclusion (Mark 1:35). Jesus spoke about going into your closet, Habakkuk went up into a tower; Jesus went to the desert and the mountains.

This should be done in silence without outside distractions (Isaiah 30:15).

Jesus went into the mountain alone (Matthew 14:23).

There must be a girding up of the mind, so your thoughts don't wander. A good way to do this is to meditate in the Psalms.

Be ready to do whatever the Lord tells you to do (James 4:10). The Bible says "It is important not only to be a hearer but a doer of the word.

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