Hear God’s Voice

Hear God's Voice


Deal with negative emotions


(I Kings 19:12) Elijah was running from Jezebel. When you are running from something, you tend to be uptight, fearful, tormented, and unable to hear the voice of God. Elijah had to get away. He went into a mountain cave.

The Bible says, “There was a fire, but God was not in the fire; there was an earthquake, but God was not in the earthquake; there was a mighty wind, but God was not of the mighty wind. We have to deal with the negative emotions before we can hear from God.

We need to listen for that still small voice

That still small voice came to Elijah and God’s still small voice will come to us as we learn to put away those negative emotions. (Proverbs 20:27) The spirit of the man is the candle of the Lord that searches all the inner parts of the heart.

We can move into the glory cloud of God

(Matthew 17:5) Jesus, James, John, and Peter were on the mount of transfiguration. It was on that mount that the glory of God descended in a cloud and God spoke out of that cloud. We can create that atmosphere, that environment, for God to move as we worship and praise God.

God’s voice will bring joy

(John 3:29) The devil will bring condemnation but God’s voice will bring joy.

We can inquire of God

(Jeremiah 33:3) Ask of Me and I will show you great and mighty things that you know not. David inquired of the Lord many times. We can come before God with questions. God may not answer them right away but we can inquire of God and He will speak to us.

God’s voice will feed us, gather us, carry us, and lead us

(Isaiah 40: II) I recall speaking in a youth meeting in New Orleans. I said, “God is speaking to me that there is a young man here and God will not give you another day unless you get yourself right.” What I didn’t know is that there was a drug dealer in that audience. He was the fighting the touch, the call, and the woo of God in his life. The Holy Spirit spoke to his heart and said, “I’m trying to gather you to me. Either you will be gathered to me or you will go to hell”. That young man ran to the altar.

There should be a desire of truth and integrity

(John 7:17) If you have a desire for truth on the inward part of your heart God will not disappoint you.

God’s word will stir our emotions and break up our hard hearts

(Jeremiah 23:29) The word of the Lord is like a hammer, it will break up the hard places of your heart. It is like fire, it will create a positive tender emotion in your heart where you are cold and indifferent. It was David that was confronted, by the prophet Nathan, concerning his sin of adultery and murder that he had tried to cover up. That word from God penetrated his heart and he repented.

Pastor Dave
Hear God’s Voice

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