Hear God Speak


What Should Our Motives be for Hearing?


Hear God Speak

We must be determined to hear

(Psalm 85:8) God will speak to His people and He will speak peace to His people. (Eccl. 5:1) We need to be more ready to hear than to speak. This thought is echoed again in Deut. 31:12.

God will speak peace to us and not condemnation

If your are getting a lot of condemnation in your prayer time, you are receiving from a religious spirit and not the Holy Spirit. God will not condemn you but He will speak peace to you.

Hearing involves watching and waiting

(Hab. 2:1, Proverbs 8:34) One of the things that God will do is speak through, what I call, similitude’s, this Iiterally means word pictures.

I remember prophesying over an individual one time and the Lord showed me a giant pair of pinking shears. The Holy Spirit said, “Like Dorcas, in the Bible, this woman is a seamstress.” That was exactly what she was. Another time, I was laying hands on a lady, in a prayer meeting, and the Lord showed me a nurse’s cap. That turned out to be her occupation. Another time the Lord showed me, over a man, chalk, blackboard, and an eraser. Turned out he was a teacher. Another time, the Lord showed me two women who would pour water on people’s heads and talk to them about the Lord. Turns out they were beauticians.

As we wait on the Lord, God will speak to us. One of the ways that God will speak to us is through impressions, gut feelings or hunches. God will speak to us through the word of God. God will speak to us through His still small voice. We will talk more about these later.

We need to become responsible for what we hear

(Isaiah 50:4, I Samuel 3:17, Mark 4:24) When God speaks to us He will confirm His word. It may not be immediate, but He will confirm His word. The Lord spoke to me that I would be involved in ministry by October of 1967. The time came when I was asked to be a teacher. I was going to turn it down but all of a sudden it dawned on me that it was October and I was to begin my ministry. It became a very fruitful ministry at that place.

Pastor Dave
Hear God Speak

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