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Encountering River of Life Church Raleigh

The River of God Flows at River of Life Church Raleigh.


Everyone likes to know what to expect when they are headed into a new experience. We think the following info will give you get a sense of what you will encounter at River of Life Church Raleigh.

At River of Life Church Raleigh Our friendly Greeters Team will be waiting to meet you to find out how they can assist you.  We believe it is an important part of our church to make each person feel welcome whether they are a member or a visitor.  We hope to convey to everyone the love that God has for them.  If you have children the host will assist you with the children’s church information.

  • At River of Life Church Raleigh, we have a RELAXED ATMOSPHERE – The word “REAL” describes us… it doesn’t matter to us whether you come in your “Sunday best” or in jeans and a t-Shirt.
  • River of Life Church Raleigh has A LOVING ENVIRONMENT – The word “ACCEPTANCE” describes us… whoever you are, we’re certain you will feel the love and peace of God.
  •  At River of Life Church Raleigh, we have CONTEMPORARY WORSHIP – “CELEBRATION”, centering our worship on Jesus Christ, we are stirred to who Jesus is and passionately pursue Him in freedom of worship and dance.
  • River of Life Church Raleigh has a RELATIONAL EMPHASIS– The phrase “PEOPLE-ORIENTED” describes us… it’s not about buildings and programs; it’s about helping you develop great relationships with others.
  • River of Life Church Raleigh has TRANSFORMING PREACHING, TEACHING AND TRAINING – Whatever you learn from the Word of God you’ll be able to use every day of the week… guaranteed!
  •  SOAKING IN GOD’S PRESENCE – At the beginning of each Wednesday night service, River of Life Church Raleigh sets aside 30 minutes to “soak” in the Lord’s presence. Soft intimate praise music will be played to help you quiet your soul and draw you near to God.
  • River of Life Church Raleigh desires to STAY UP TO DATE IN GOD – “PURPOSE”… we have a reason for doing what we do… and are always ready to move up higher in the direction of God!
  • River of Life Church Raleigh is GOD DEPENDENT– “PRAYER”… we believe we can do everything well, but if we fail to pray nothing significant will happen. Monday evening intercession begins at 6:00pm.
Church Raleigh


Under the direction of the Usher Ministry Leaders, men and women of River of Life Church Raleigh minister by helping you find seats, answering questions and directions regarding various needs you may have.

They also assist during ministry time by keeping order so that each person who desires personal ministry is accommodated in an orderly fashion. River of Life Church Raleigh believes it is important to us that each person has a good experience when receiving personal ministry.

If you have any questions about River of Life Church Raleigh before you come, please contact us at or call us at 919-781-8731 – We are here to ensure you are taken care of!

To learn more about Contemporary Worship at River of Life Church Raleigh, please visit Church Raleighes dot com