A Restless Spirit


When we have a restless spirit, it is time for us to listen


A Restless Spirit

(Esther 6: 1) If you have an uneasiness in your spirit, if you are not moving in the confidence and peace of God, then you need to come aside and get clear direction from the Lord. You may even want to fast and pray for a few days until you can get clear direction. That uneasiness is one of the ways God uses to gain our attention.

God will give us a word from others

There are times when we are going a certain way and the Holy Spirit will interrupt us. Other times He may confirm we are moving in the right direction (2 Samuel 12:1).

I was in prayer one day and asked the Holy Spirit to please have someone call me and confirm that what I was hearing from Him was His very word. The next day a person called me and asked, “Were you in prayer and did you ask God for a word of confirmation yesterday?” I said, “Absolutely.” That person said, “Well here it is.” It was the very thing I needed to hear.

The obvious blessings of the Lord will confirm that we are hearing from God

(Romans 2:4) Maybe the Lord will pour out this blessing because He wants us to change. The Bible says it is the goodness of God that leads us to repentance.

Through unanswered prayers

(James 4:3) We may be praying with the wrong motives. (1 John 5:14) We must pray according to the will of God. You may not be getting your prayers answered because you are not praying according to the will of God. (1 John 3:22)

We must keep His commands. Maybe you have un forgiveness in your heart and you are not loving the brethren as you should. (1 Peter 3: 7) If you have division in your marital life it will stop your prayers from being answered.

God will use disappointment to get our attention

(Numbers 14:40-42) Israel had rejected the voice of God and decided to do there on thing and invade a particular people. God told them that if they did that they would be defeated. They said that they were going anyway. They went out and got clobbered. God will use disappointment to get our attention.

God will use unusual circumstances

(Exodus 3: 1- 2) He used a burning bush to get Moses attention. One time I needed to get clear direction from God about a particular thing. The Lord said to me, “Ask me for a dream and I will speak to you in a dream.” I said, “Lord I don’t understand but give me a dream and answer me.” That night the Holy Spirit gave me the dream that I needed and the particular thing I was praying about was revealed.

God will use failure

(Joshua 7:5) Joshua had sent out a small raiding party to defeat a very small town called Ai. It should have been an easy mop-up campaign for Israel but there was sin in the camp and they had presumed on the Lord. They went out, without seeking the mind of God first, and they were defeated.

God will use tragedy

(Numbers 21:4-7) One time, I was advising a man not to do something, and warning him that it would end tragically. He went out and did it anyway and it did indeed end tragically. However, the Lord had his attention.

God will allow sickness

(Acts 9:8-9) God got Paul’s attention by striking him blind. God wound up healing him but that was what it took for Paul to stop the thing he was doing and to come aside and hear the voice of God. Then God meet his needs.

Pastor Dave
A Restless Spirit

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